All that Jewish Brooklyn homemaker Abby Miller wants is to get her romance novel published, and know what it is to fall in love. Only in a semi-arranged marriage with a medical-resident husband who’s never home and overwhelmed raising their kids, Abby’s goals seem less likely than ever. On top of that, her husband David decides to move—away from her mother!

Abby tries to balance everyone’s demands: her kids, mother, David’s—until meltdown: She is scared that David might have an affair with a colleague. Trying to save her marriage, Abby embarks on a mission to reignite their romance. However, when she nearly kills a soap opera star in an accident and finds a severed hand in the park– everything just gets more complicated. Thank God her best friend Sara is the Assistant D.A. for Kings County!

Orthodox Jewish Assistant D.A Sara Oppenheimer is turning thirty and very angry. She’s angry that perps who kill little children still walk the streets. She’s angry that she has to date an endless parade of bozos and still hasn’t found anyone to love, and most of all she’s angry that the Russian embassy is impeding her prosecution of a clear-cut Russian mafia hit.

When hunky cop Jeffery Hammond, who witnessed the hit, is assigned to her case, for once Sara has met her match in every way. Only, to be with Jeff, she’d have to turn her back on her faith and break her grandmother’s heart.

Will these best friends follow their hearts?

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Feb. 25, 2013 (eBook)
June 1, 2013 (paperback)
Orthodox Jewish Contemporary Romance